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                                                 BASIC VALUES OF MODERN LITERATURE                                                         («CHILDHOOD» PHENOMENON AND INTERPRETATION METHODS THEREOF) 


Plotnikova Ekaterina Andreevna, Candidate of philological sciences, senior lecturer, sub-department of Russian and foreign literature, Mari State University (Republic of Mari El, Yoshkar-Ola, 1 Lenina square),

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882.82.0; 329.7


L. S. Petrushevskaya finely reconstructs a multisided world of childhood in her book «The True Fairy-Tales». The stories tend to reveal child's inner world and a special approach of a child to life as well as to open the depth of adult’s soul. The peculiarity of author’s literary creativity is determined by the necessity to transfer basic human values to young generations. Combination of the adult viewpoint and description of child’s inner world depicted by L. S. Petrushevskaya provides a deep insight and helps readers to understand themselves and the surrounding reality.

Key words

basic values, traditional (folklore) culture, elitist culture, image of childhood, folklorism.

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